Our Mission Statement:

  • 1Customer satisfaction is the most crucial driving force of NAPD. We are committed to continuously expanding, developing and improving not only the range of products that we offer, but also our personalised services to each and every customer
  • 2Guaranteeing the privacy and security of our esteemed customers is another impelling strength that helps us to keep moving ahead and get better and better at what we do.
  • 3Pursuing excellence to honour our customers is another significant goal, for which we aim to continue to improve the way we work and manage our business processes. We select our suppliers meticulously to bring only the best and finest product at unbelievably competitive price, exclusively for our esteemed customers. We do this by keeping our overhead expenses low.
  • 4Honesty and trustworthiness is the fundamental guiding principle around which we have built our business from the onset.
  • 5Sustainable profitability has always been our fundamental objective that we keep striving to achieve. We share a new holistic approach and recognize that economics, human beings and environment are interrelated. That’s why we select the brands carefully, look after our workers like a family member, and consider our customers at par with God and provide them only the best service and finest products directly from the top manufacturers. This creates a win-win-situation for all concerned!

Our Ambition:

“Customers for Life” is our paramount ambition! Because if we do all things right and our loyal customers keep coming back to us for all their future needs, we will be creating “Customers for Life”! Then the business will continue to prosper and customers will keep getting the top products/brands in the most competitive price with exceptional services. Thus we can keep our overhead expenditures low and transfer the benefits over to our customers. We are committed to deliver and reward our loyal customers by maintaining our price lower than our competitors.

Our Quality Statement:

“Finest quality products, competitive pricing and outstanding customer service”!
That’s it, no compromise!!

Nolimit Auto Parts Distributor is committed to honour the above statement. We are constantly researching and expanding our product base to find the latest upgraded products and new emerging top quality brands. We constantly re-visit our processes and motivate our team with information and training to ensure we continue to provide incomparable customer services. This is the way we attempt to keep our “Customers for Life”; this is our survival strategy.

Nolimit Auto Parts Distributors Ltd (NAPD). Specializes in the distribution of remanufactured transmissions,Engines, automotive auto parts, oil and lubricant products, shop equipments and hand tools. We are involved in selling and distribution of products throughout Canada. We have sevaral locations, Vancouver,Surrey, and Langley in British Columbia. We provide finest quality products, competitive pricing and outstanding customer service.